Is it obligatory to have spent some time in a mental clinic so as to be able to know when not a hand, but its shadow touches the wall? Or, is it because the shadow of the walls never falls on walls that a mental clinic has always existed – even before any patient has knocked on the door? Perhaps we should lend an ear to what this hand points at, reaching out as if a door will open the moment it arrives on the blue shadowless wall. Since we are in a :mentalKLINIK show where ears could have well been made of hands and, eyes of ears, we might incidentally get a bit bored because we cannot walk on our heads.

As we step into the exhibition at Galerist, the “Blink 01,” projected on a wall that separates the main entrance into right and left, reduces the field of visuality to a moment of dazzlement, thereby both adumbrating that we will per chance stumble on our entry no matter through which door we enter the hole, and underlining risks specific to stepping into “a colon[:].”

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Zafer Aracagök, 2009
Writer / Composer