When did you start your collaboration and why?

You might not recognize it at first but we are very different from each other, both with an unusual disposition. It was the anticipation of an uncanny outcome that triggered us to collaborate. We started working together in 1995 during the first project we realized in Devlet Han which was used for exhibitions as well as functioning as a studio on Istiklal Street. After the collaboration in 1995, our individual works and production styles started gradually to converge and engendered a common ground. In 1998, the inception of :mentalKLINIK as both an idea and an actual space, followed. We decided as a duo to start up a space where we would be able to develop our art practice as well as art theory in an interdisciplinary setting. We never limited things to only one form; on the contrary we were interested in the multiplicity of forms. Actually, since the beginning of our collaboration we are aiming to achieve what one might define as the third position while working as a duo. This is perhaps where our idea of plurality is grounded.


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Jerome Sans