:mentalKLINIK, 1998-2007
:mentalKLINIK, with its “undisciplinable” state of mind, founds spaces of movement within the limits of art. In the beginning :mentalKLINIK’s constructs problematized the relation between the work, its users and its participants. The question of consumption laid at its pivotal point.

We think that the relations between things and humans are exhausted; locked in a world where everything is predetermined with all the details. Experiences of today are transformed into statistics for a future-time. Their medians are calculated while all errors and surprises are left out. Human life is condensed into durational datas. Therefore no longer the same dynamic between the object and the subject retains. They are levelled both being treated as datas for future’s consumption. :mentalKLINIK exposes interfaces of this transformation.

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:mentalKLINIK, 1998-2007
Present Future
Talks by a.o. Museum of Nonparticipation,
:mentalKLINIK, Zeynep Tul Sualp Akbal,
Moderated by Fatos Üstek.
Tent, Rotterdam