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Choosing the name “Base Camp” to describe the pre-opening programme 2004 of the Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean on show at the Banque de Luxembourg in Kirchberg was no accident. The main aim was to allow the museum team to try out – with a live audience – most of the missions of a 21st century museum. The function of the exhibition seemed obvious, namely that of a visual collection in the “mezzanine” area.

As for the educational role, it took place logically via workshops and meet-the-artist sessions. In
the end it appeared that the areas we found difficult but which we had to explore were what are collectively known as “services”: the shop, the café, the mediathèque…

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̃Self 01
Marie-Claude Beaud
Director Of Musée D’art Moderne
Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg,