:mentalKLINIK is an artist duo from Istanbul composed of Yasemin Baydar (*1972, İstanbul) and Birol Demir (*1967, Ankara) known for their reactionary form of an open laboratory to reinvent process, production, roles, conception and presentation. Starting their collaboration in 1998, the creative team began their creative factory that could walk on. Resisting to the limitations of a single vocabulary or style, their world is a playful one full of hedonistic appeal which can be experienced as festive and glamourous but also surprising as one approaches to discover with a closer view an underlying violence suggestive of a bad trip after party or a creepy begining of the end.

Their works shift between emotional and robotic attitudes. Some Works begin by slicing or cutting whereby the artists introduce an element of danger, as a métaphore of art. Other works are emotionally charged with connotations set in direct contrast to other works completely devoid of human characteristics. Converting all pieces of present time into materials for their Works of art,

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Yasemin Baydar (*1972), Birol Demir (*1967)
:mentalKLINIK is an artist duo from Istanbul.