This constructed experience generates a feeling of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. The audience members enter into the space at the peak of the experience and they experience a sudden mood change as the party comes to a standstill with no apparent reason. The audience never fully gets in the groove since just right before the moment this might happen all pleasure is suspended. The experience juxtaposes the promises of entertainment and of nightlife with the reality and bareness of daylight. Usually working hours and a sense of responsibility are associated with the notion day while fun, entertainment, letting oneself go and irresponsibility are associated with the notion of night. This ephemeral experience subverts all such expectations and before one has time to reflect on it disappears. It disrupts the pleasure and fun at its peak and suspends the expectation for more. This experience also provokes some repressed anxieties since the audience members are confronted with their desire to become a part of a group.

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Real-time Sculpture, 09:30AM
30 min. Istanbul