Happy Birthday Joel_VIA :mentalKLINIK

In this project ’30 and almost-dreams’ standing between a party/celebration and exhibition, :mentalKLINIK is interested in taking a daily life experience as frivolous as celebrating a birthday or receiving gifts, reviving it as a relationship of “simply giving” between acquaintences and non- acquaintances but also positioning it in a groundless place in the relationship of gift as a tool in the give-take relationship.

Objects, non-objects, emotions, sounds, words, smells, desires, experiences, visions, plants etc. _Via :mentalKLINIK _will host all sorts of gifts/presents.

30 years, gifts for the 30 years that a gifted person, Joel, lived. Simply to be giving, because one has too much, for yesterday, for today, for tomorrow… For age 0 to age 30 and for the future… a treasure… A gift that Joel will also be giving to his audiance, simply to be giving, because he has too much… to remember and to be remembered…

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Happy Birthday Joel_VIA :mentalKLINIK
30 Almost Dream
a project by joël Andrianomearisoa
September 19th_October 20th, 2007
Zone Zital Ankoronddrano, Antananarivo/Madagascar