a unisex product by :mentalKLİNİK to use at MUDAM to freeze the time of your face and trap your face in time as a sculpture. Frozen45 ̋ is tomorrow’s treatment envisioned by :mentalKLİNİK for freezing the time of the skin

Both skin and time are problems of lines. Skin has its own time. :mentalKLİNİK recommends you to ‘freeze’ the time today before your skin gets traces of tomorrow. :mentalKLİNİK has developed a special treatment , which allows you to take with you your face of today into the anticipated future. Developed particularly for this facial treatment, the-state-of-the-art time-freezing product contains extracts of the ‘frozen’ time manufactured biotechnologically for your skin. When applied onto your skin, this time-preventive and refreshing treatment activates the sense of time within the pore of your skin.

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Tomorrow Now 
when design meets science fiction
MUDAM Musee d’Art Moderne
Grand-Duc Jean Luxembourg
25 May -24 september 2007
Curators: Alexandra Midal and
Björn Dahlström
Exhibition Design: Mathieu Lehanneu