Ali Akay

If we consider ‘copy’, working as a chain of singularity and for today if we agree to Leibniz who claims that every new series will bring forth a new singularity, the thing which is going to be told is to suggest many potentialities, ideas existing before individuality will follow their own proper line and also in every chain of singularity there could be a one-sided individuality. Ideas become current in types and in sections by connecting to this field of individualization. Therefore the types and the sections present us the materials being used while creating a work and the pieces of new inventions. Every kind of material will create the relationships of difference with others; but how will the singularities which are going to constitute the process of individuality work when this material or these forms are copied?

If to constitute singularity means to say the differentiation of a series from another series, as at the situation of ‘copy’ in arts, also the live cells copied by cloning will constitute difference from a series to another series. As the differences between genes and species occur, how will singularity distinguish itself from the other?

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:mentalKLINIK-03. [COPY], ISTANBUL, 2003
Editor: Ali Akay
Creative Directors: Yasemin Baydar, Birol Demir
Project Assistants: Kerem Akıllıoğlu,
Kerem Sürmelihindi, Nusret Polat
Participants: Dilek Winchester, Ethem Özgüven,
Aykut Erdoğan, Yazbukey, Aziz Sarıyer, Derin Sarıyer,
Eren Pultar, Ayşe Erkmen, Murat Avci, Giray Pultar,
Ufuk Kayserilioğlu, Emi Kayserilioğlu, Eren Pultar,
Mehmet İrdel, Ozan Adam, Yasemin Baydar,
Birol Demir, Gülizar Çepoğlu, Aysun Pelvan